A new adventure


After renovating and re-decorating three wonderful houses, we are starting a new challenge. One of these projects is situated also in the Garfagnana, just outside the village where the camping is located. We have been happy to spend all our vacations there for twelve years. Countless sleepless nights followed after Ernst and Susan learned by chance that the owners of the estate were interested in a new challenge and were looking for a reliable collaboration. The plans were forged!

The team


In daily life Ernst has his own company in renovation and steel construction and he’s the mastermind behind this project. Susan is originally an interior designer and runs the rental of our successful ‘’Strandvilla’’ in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Nicky has an agricultural background and is involved in the work behind the scenes. And then our all-rounder and shepherd Willem… The perfect combination of knowledge and expertise to set up Rancone lodges.

A great experience


We have now started the construction of the camping with great enthusiasm. You can follow our daily adventures via our social media channels. Nicky and Willem have settled down permanently in Italy and are busy with the daily construction and organization. At the moment we cannot fully show you our cool plan, but we have done our best to show a good representation of the camping and the accommodations on our site by a 3D design. It is an impression but we promise you that the final result will be an unforgettable experience!